Dr. Agus Salam

Dr. Agus Salam is one of the staf members at Department of Physics, FMIPA University of Indonesia. He was born in Jakarta on November 29, 1969. He obtained his bachelor and master degrees from the same Department. He received his doctor degree from Institut fur Kernphysik, Universitat Mainz, Germany.

The title of his dissertation is "Rescattering Effects and Two-Steps Process in Kaon Photoproduction on The Deuteron" with Prof. H. Arenhoevel as the supervisor and Prof. S. Scherer as a co-supervisor. His current research interest is photoproduction and interaction of meson.



Selected Publication: [See publication in Scopus]

  1. A. Salam and I. Fachruddin, KN scattering in 3D formulation, Few-Body Systems 54, 1625-1628 (2013).
  2. I. Fachruddin and A. Salam, Scattering of a spin-1/2 particle off a spin-0 target in a simple three-dimensional basis, Few-Body Systems 54, 221-224 (2013).
  3. A. Salam, T. Mart and K. Miyagawa, Role of the K1 meson in K0 photoproduction off the deuteron, Few-Body Systems 54, 261-264 (2013).
  4. A. Salam, T. Mart and K. Miyagawa, Neutral kaon photoproduction on the deuteron, Modern Physics Letters A 24, 968 (2009)
  5. A. Salam, K. Miyagawa, T. Mart, C. Bennhold and W. Glockle, K0 photoproduction on the deuteron and the extraction of the elementary amplitude, Physical Review C 74, 044004 (2006)
  6. E. M. Darwish and A. Salam, Final-state NN-rescattering in spin asymmetries of d(gamma, pi-)pp reaction, Nuclear Physics A 759, 170 (2005)
  7. A. Salam and H. Arenhovel, Interaction effects in K+ photoproduction on the deuteron, Physical Review C 70, 044008 (2004)


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